If you're traveling on vacation or away on business, your pets will be able to stay in the safety and security of their own home, eat their regular food and keep their normal daily routines. Your pets will be treated with the utmost care and respect and will receive lots of love and attention during our visits. We provide daily email reports and include a photo, or short video of your pet/s.

Mid-Day Potty Breaks

This service is designed for families who are away from their home for extended hours at a time. Top Paw Pet Sitting will stop by mid-day (typically from during 11am-1pm) to take out your pet so they do not have any accidents in the home while the family is at work and school. These visits are normally shorter (around 15 min) and designed to just relieve the pressure of not going to the bathroom for 8-10 hours during the day.

$15.00 per visit

Extreme Weather

 During times of extreme weather (Lightning, Thunder, Hard Rain, Icy conditions etc.), all dog walks will be suspended for the safety of your pet. We will take your dogs out for their potty break and spend more time indoors in play time and giving them extra love and attention.

Extremely Hot, or Icy Weather: During times of extreme heat or cold/ice, walking surfaces may be too hot, or too cold/slippery for your pets safety. We will always test the ground to determine if the walking surfaces are safe to walk on for your pet, per established Veterinarian guidelines.

Note: If you have paw boots for your dog, we are happy to use them to protect your pets paws during hot/cold weather.